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Looking at Digital Health and Wellness

23 Jan

I had a really hard time deciding what I actually wanted to do for my major project in EC&I 832. I am very connected–probably too connected (hint: more to come on this), to my phone, computer, and all the social media, apps & digital tools that I have come to know and love. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Kahoot, Plickers, and Google Classroom, are all apps that I use almost every day in different aspects to interact with either friends, family, colleagues, students or the social world around me. I didn’t feel that exploring apps – whether for personal or educational use was the right path for me to truly engage with the content in this course, self-reflection, and the overall learning journey through digital citizenship.

It was upon reading Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship, and reflecting on my own behavior and knowledge in these areas of my own life online, that I really began thinking about Digital Health and Wellness. Digital Health and Wellness is the 8th element in Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Policy Planning Guide, which includes both physical and psychological health concerns/issues related to digital technology use.

As a Phys. Ed/Health 9, and Wellness 10 teacher, I see so many connections to the Dimensions of Wellness (what and how many dimensions there are varies by source). Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Wellness are all important contributors to one’s overall health, and well-being.  Digital health has clear impacts on all areas – from physical concerns like ergonomics, to psychological concerns like internet or social media addiction. As we continue to spend so much of our time and build more aspects of our lives online, maybe Digital Wellness should be an entire dimension of it’s own?

In looking at Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Continuum for Digital Health and Wellness below, I am intrigued as a high school teacher by what Grade 10-12 students should understand and do. For my project, I would like to focus on how I can help students learn, understand, and implement these key ideas. I am especially interested in helping students (and myself…) live a balanced lifestyle with their technology and digital tools that are at their fingertips 24/7.

Source: Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, 2015. Saskatchewan’s Digital Citizenship Continuum

Things are not completely organized, or set in stone for this project, but some of the things I want to explore are:

  • A closer look at my own digital health and wellness. I don’t feel I lead a balanced lifestyle with digital technology. What would balance look like and how do I find it? What example am I setting as a teacher – and are we setting as adults and parents for our students?
  • Survey/collect information on digital health and wellness from ECI&I 832 classmates, Twitter followers, and students. Is our technology affecting how we sleep? How we view our bodies? Do we feel “addicted” to our technology? Addicted to social media?
  • A variety of online resources centered around teaching students about digital citizenship, specifically digital health and wellness such as Common Sense Education, and use these resources as a starting point to curate my own.
  • Develop a presentation/session on digital health and wellness for F. W. Johnson‘s Wellness Day in March which is a day dedicated to Grade 10 students and positively impacting and improving their overall well-being.

I am looking forward to the learning journey I am about to embark on, and I would love any feedback, ideas, or resources that any readers feel would enhance my project!