21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher

I think this post says enough in itself!

21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher

I love the creativity and truthfulness of this list! I strive to one day be a 21st century teacher of 21st century students, and that time is sneaking up quickly. I know that these types of ideas and strategies are ones that I will be trying and using right away in my internships, as I want to develop and begin my career already in the 21st century of education. I don’t see a point in doing things the “old and safe” ways, when this is the direction I want to form and take my classrooms in. I know I will have to take risks along the way, especially as a pre-service teacher to become a 21st century teacher, but I truly believe it will be worth it in the end (or along the journey) for myself as a life-long learner, and the students I encounter.


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