I believe that all students have the ability to be successful in school, and it is up to teachers to bring out that success in their students. Sometimes this can be easy, and sometimes this involves digging deep and exhausting every method you can until that student can see success. For students being successful in school is not only about numerical grades, it is about social success and being able to make meaningful, trusting, and positive connections with their peers and teachers.

I want to create a classroom environment that is welcoming to all students in the school, not just the ones in my 4 or 5 classes, and is a safe, positive space where learning happens in many forms. I want my classroom to not only foster and embrace inclusion, but also technology, teamwork, inquiry, communication, personal growth, and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

For me, teaching revolves around building relationships with my students. It is very important for me to get to know each and every one of my students’ needs: both learning and personal. I want my students to feel comfortable talking to me about how they learn best, as well as know that they always have an adult in the school they can come to with anything. I am confident in my ability to build real, honest relationships with my students while remaining professional and I am dedicated to earning my students’ respect this way.

Being a teacher is all about helping students see in themselves, what they may not know is there. It is about pushing them to think outside of the box, experience new things, enhance their worldview and grow into the person they want to and can be. I want to be the teacher my students always remember because I went the extra mile, never gave up on them no matter how many barriers  were in the way of their success, and who really, truly cared. I want my students to get something out of my class each and every day, whether it is as small as a friendly smile and greeting at the door from me, or that a-ha moment of understanding that frustrating math concept.

I am a teacher who is always working at making learning fun and exciting, and doing everything I can to engage my students. I am the teacher who never sits down during class. I walk around constantly checking in with my students, asking them how they are doing, where they are at, and how I can help them get to where they need to be. I am the teacher whose door is always open. I encourage and invite students to come see me for help, to work together on something, to finish or re-write that test or to just talk. I am not just the teacher of a class, I am the lead learner on the journey each and every group of students takes to find meaning, connection and relevance of an area to their lives.





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