My Summary of Learning!

27 Nov

Here is my Summary of Learning for EC&I 833!

I created this video using VideoScribe. You get a free trial of this tool – and as you can see with the free trial is leaves the watermark on your video. You also do not have access to most of the images provided with the free trial. Depending on cost, I would DEFINITELY look into the full version – it was super easy to use, and I enjoyed getting creative with it. I would love to have had access to the entire program. Also, because of the free trial, I couldn’t get it to download or upload to Youtube (grr), so I used Screencastify, just to record my screen, which glitched the audio a tad bit. Ohhhhh technology.. gotta love it!



One Response to “My Summary of Learning!”

  1. Joe McGurran November 29, 2018 at 5:34 am #

    Nice work on this! I haven’t used videoscribe before. Powtoon has been my go-to. I think the free trial is limited in many of the same ways, although there is no time limit.

    I like your points on digital citizenship, and us having a responsibility to help our students learn to participate with the web. It’s very true. We take for granted a proficiency here just because our students may know how to physically use the tools in ways we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing as a kid.

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