To Web and Education 3.0… and beyond!

8 Nov

So just when I think I finally have Web 2.0 down…. Web 3.0 comes flying at me. What does it all mean?!


In my group’s presentation this week, we covered the evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. This truly marked the change of an information only web, to an interactive web in which users contribute and participate.

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Web 2.0 is home to many educational tools that our class had the opportunity to explore and collaborate together on how they could be used in our classrooms. There is so much potential power and the ability for Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning, but there are barriers as well such as access to technology and lack of teacher professional development in this area.

I think more in my personal life than my professional life, I am starting to see the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The advent of social media (which I think is pretty great in a lot of ways), was a big part of Web 2.0. Not only do we have social media now, but often on my social media I see ads for things that I have just been searching for on google, or the freaky thing I swear – just talking about with friends. The personalized, individual experience for us on the internet is part of the shift to Web 3.0. Sage did a great job breaking down terms such as the Semantic Web, and the Web of Things in her blog post, and I also found this video helpful in my understanding of this complex, and at times difficult to grasp concept.

In the same way I am having a hard time fully imaging this futuristic Web 3.0, I am sure my parents struggled with the thought of finding everything you could in a library online, and being able to chat with someone overseas on video. This shift to Web 3.0 also has an impact on education that I am not entirely sure what will look like yet, but it is a concept that Jackie Gerstein explores.

The shift to Education 3.0 really involves a complete pedagogical change for most teachers, and in my mind, a complete overhaul of our current 4 wall classroom school system. Like the personalized/individualized experience Web 3.0 offers, Education 3.0 creates self-determining learners who are essentially in control of what they are learning. As Gerstein discusses, one of the barriers is teachers’ being focused on a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. Excuses such as not enough time, training, or needing to cover content are part of a fixed mindset in this transition to Web 3.0 – all which revolve around the teacher, not the student.

“The learner needs to be central to all teaching endeavors” (Gerstein, 2014)

Whether it is education 1.0 or 14.0, I believe we must keep the focus on the learners, but also properly support, train, and prepare teachers to meet their students needs both inside, and outside of the classroom.

One Response to “To Web and Education 3.0… and beyond!”

  1. Sage Fox November 8, 2018 at 5:41 pm #

    Great post Katie! I too have had experiences where I’ve been talking (even thinking) about something, then it comes up in my feed. Our phones really are listening! On a more educational note, I agree, no matter the latest version of education, our students must be central to our work.

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