Digital Health & Wellness Survey

11 Mar

One of the things I wanted to do to gain insight for my major project was to create and collect responses to a survey on digital health and wellness.

The survey is available here. Please take a few moments and help me out by responding!

Coming up with the questions was actually quite a bit harder than I originally thought. Not only because I have shifted to a more positive attitude towards digital well-being, but also because there are so many areas of our mental health I feel like technology and social media is affecting. I didn’t want my survey to come across as only focusing on the negative effects of technology on our health, but at the same time these are areas of concern that I am interested in examining.

I have been doing a lot of reading over the course of this semester in regards to digital health, and when creating my questions I used a few key articles/resources to focus my survey.

The first being which features a variety of resources aimed to educate on many issues surrounding technology use including digital distraction, digital privacy, impact on environment and society, and of course health and technology. Key issues affecting our health highlighted and explained on the website include:

  • Psychological issues such as: distraction caused by technology, expectation of instant gratification, narcissism, cognitive losses
  • Social issues such as: deficits in social skills, sense of isolation, depression
  • Health issues such as: vision loss, hearing loss, neck strain, and sitting too much

I tried to incorporate questions on almost all of the areas in psychological and social, but I did not include the physical health issues (not because they aren’t important!) but because I have wanted to focus my project more on the other areas.

The second document is by CommonSenseMedia, and is a Road Map for Kids’ Digital Well-Being. I came across this on Twitter a few weeks ago, and loved the message it was sending about wanting to create change to help our kids’ learn to use technology for good. The document nicely lays out issues to start regarding mental health, physical health, and democracy, and then 5 key actions to move towards creating technology that promotes well-being.

Commonsense partnered with The Center for Humane Technology on this project, which then led me to their site. The Center for Humane Technology was founded by a former tech company employees, gurus, and CEO’s who are looking to change the way technology and these companies essentially are affecting our mental health, democracy, social relationships and our children. This site breaks things down into the problem, the way forward, and offers ideas to take control. They are looking at how we can better design (and for companies looking to make money) to use technology to not manipulate, or take advantage of our human nature.

As I continue to dive into this area, I am looking forward to further exploring and utilizing these resources, and also to getting responses to my survey!



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