FINALly freedom!

20 Dec

I am officially done the first semester of my third year of university–wahoo!! Finals are all finished (I only had 2 out of my 5 classes) and the boat load of projects are completed and handed in. (By the way when I say boat load I truly mean it– 11 projects due just within the last month alone). I must say that it has been my longest, most stressful, social life-sucking semester thus far, but also the most rewarding as well! I am so excited for next semester to start (after a much needed break first), and to start putting some of the great things I am learning into action when I begin teaching. I have to admit, I am a little nervous to begin teaching at the high school level, as we have only been in elementary school classrooms thus far, but am also so excited to gain experience with the age/grade level I want to spend my career teaching. I am so excited to have my own domain name now as well!!! is all mine, thanks to my friend Amy McFarlen who got it for me for Christmas! (Alec has truly turned us into these Twitter crazed, technology loving geeks). Lastly for now, my Christmas present to myself is that I am getting a Macbook Pro in the new year!! This is also crazy, as I have always been a PC lover—who am I now?? I’m not exactly sure, but I love it, and am thankful for all the great learning and experience I have had this semester, and for the personal and professional growth it has lead me to!


One Response to “FINALly freedom!”

  1. Suzanne December 20, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    Congrats. Owning your own site is such a wonderful thing.

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