The Business Education Toolbox

6 Dec

For our final project in ECMP 355, Jenn Thomas, Amy McFarlen, and myself decided to create a resource wiki for business educators. We used Wikispaces and I personally found it very easy to navigate, create, and edit. We decided the name “Business Education Toolbox” was fitting, as we are wanting it to be a one-stop shop for business educators to get ideas for lesson plans, unit plans, business education resources, integrating technology into the classroom, as well as promoting business education in their schools. Our wiki is currently protected, and we are going to extend the invite to join our wiki to everyone in our business education faculty, past and present. Once they join, they are able to add anything useful they might have to help the Business Education Toolbox grow!

We created the pages for Lesson Plans and Unit Plans, in hopes of giving other educators ideas for teaching business education subjects. We added any lesson plans and unit plans we have created over the past few years, and sorted them by subject area, to make finding what you are looking for easier. Each subject links to the Saskatchewan Curriculum as well, which is what our lessons/units are based on, but may differ for teachers outside of Saskatchewan. We hope that others who join our wiki will contribute lessons and units they have created as well. We felt creating this page was important, as lesson planning can be difficult, and sometimes looking at other lessons helps you grasp the concept of what you are teaching  better, and also gives great ideas.

We decided to add a Resource Toolbox because we knew that there were a TON of great resources out there for business education, but sometimes they’re not so easy to find or remember them all. We wanted to be able to compile them all onto one place, which we could then pass on to our classmates, and other business educators for future reference.  I think that a lot of educators are aware that there exists these great resources, but sometimes you just don’t have time to search, or can’t quite remember what that cool game was called, so alas, the Business Education Toolbox provides a list, broken down into subject areas, as well as just general business education resources. Once again, we are hoping others who join our wiki will continue adding resources as they come across them, as will we.

We also felt it was important to create a Technology Toolbox, and share some of the cool technology tools we have learned about and explored in ECMP 355. Since there is such a vast variety of technology tools that can be used in the classroom, we broke them down into different categories, like blogging, digital storytelling and screen casting, to make things easier. Not only is this a great complied list for us to reference, but it also gives other business educators a chance to see what is all out there, especially those who may not take ECMP 355, or may not know a lot about technology.

We created the Business Education Promos page to highlight some of the work we have done this semester in this area. Amy and and I created a video called “You Can Choose…Business Education” to promote business education subjects and their relevance to real life skills to students. We have had amazing feedback on our video thus far, and it has already reached business educators all over Canada and in the United States, which is pretty amazing for us. Business educators could use our video to promote business education courses in their schools, and hopefully increase awareness, and interest in business education courses and financial literacy. We used a simple video camera and Windows Movie Maker to create this video. We got the music for our video from Purple-Planet, which offers royalty-free music under a creative commons license.

Lastly we added the Business Education Blogs page to draw attention to great business and technology educators that we have found, and the work they are doing. We also added links to other educators blogs that we have found interesting and relevant to read as well. Connecting with these people through their blog, or twitter has provided to be very beneficial to us, and we hope it can be beneficial to other business educators as well.

Our wiki is aimed at business educators, but any educator can find useful information on it, and is welcome to join and contribute. As teachers, we are sometimes thrown into teaching subjects that we are not familiar with, so this wiki and all it offers could be very beneficial to a teacher new to teaching business education courses. We envision this to be something that can continue growing, and that business educators and other educators will join our wiki, and continue to add and contribute valuable lesson plans, resources, technology and ideas. We believe very strongly in sharing as educators, and that if you find a great tool or resource, or create an awesome lesson plan, that it should benefit as many teachers and their students as possible. We invite educators to take what they find useful, leave what they don’t, and add what isn’t there.

Visit the Business Education Toolbox here.


3 Responses to “The Business Education Toolbox”

  1. Riley December 6, 2010 at 4:06 am #

    What a wonderful site. I’m very impressed and even more thankful. I know I’ll be using your wiki next semester.

  2. Katie Rosenkranz December 6, 2010 at 4:18 am #

    I’m so glad to hear that Riley, that’s what it’s there for!

  3. Charlie Roy December 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. Any time your future business classes want to learn the ins and outs of futures trading let me know. Here’s a video of our class mock trading pit.

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