21st Century Education Videos

30 Nov

These are 3 videos that I love about 21st century students and teachers.

I find all three of these to be so powerful in the way they are delivered, and in the message they get across. Students today are a lot different than we have ever seen before. They are surrounded by mass amounts of media and technology, and not only does this affect the way they learn, but it also affects the way in which they are engaged. As teachers, this has a huge effect on us and the way we teach, which is something that we need to realize, embrace, and face head on. Our students are being exposed to technology from such a young age, so why not incorporate that into our classrooms, and foster the development of technological related skills and abilities in our students? We have so many great educational resources and technologies available at our fingertips, I personally find it hard to imagine not wanting to have a highly technology integrated classroom. Wikis, blogs, SMARTboards, Edmodo, iPads, and Skype, are just a few to name that I can see great potential for classroom use and increasing student engagement.

What are some technologies that you are using in your classroom or school? How do you use them? Do you find they increase student engagement? What are some setbacks of bringing specific technologies into your classroom? Do you agree or disagree with the messages theses videos portray of 21st century students and teachers?


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