About Me

My name is Katie Rosenkranz, and  I am a recent graduate of the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education.  I majored in secondary education, specifically in Business Education with a minor in Math.
In the fall I am going to be substitute teaching, as well as doing something I absolutely love–coaching! I am coaching the same Sr. Girls’ volleyball team I coached last year, but this year I have the opportunity to be the head coach. I am extremely excited to step into this role and gain head coaching experience!
It’s hard to believe its now been close to a year since I began my internship where I had an absolutely amazing experience and grew so much as a teacher, coach and learner. During my internship I gained experience teaching Information Processing 10 (my class from day 1) and 30, Accounting 20, Math 9, Entrepreneurship 30, and Communication Media 10/20. I was able to become involved in the school in many ways including helping coaching both the Sr. Girls Volleyball Team and the Jr. Girls Basketball Team. I was also fortunate enough to have great pre-internship and pre-pre-internship (haha) experiences that gave me awesome insight and a bit of experience under my belt before internship. After all of this, I cannot even describe how excited I am to begin my teaching career!
Twitter- @krosenkranz

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